SENSE Corporation

SENSE Group of Companies

SENSE Industries (SI) Pty Ltd is a solution focused technology company that supplies products, platforms, systems and capabilities that meets or exceeds our client’s needs. It is a solution centric company that listens to our clients’ requirements, and through applying scientific, logical and sensible research methodology and engineering framework, derive at the best solution to our clients’ problem space. At SI, we are out of the box, innovative and unconventional thinkers. Our findings and advice include material (COTS, MOTS, GOTS or original, bespoke prototypes) as well as non-material (TTP, SOP, P&P) solutions. SI is a ‘below-the-line’ business that provides the best answer to our clients’ questions.

The UAV Co. (TUC) is a leader in drone aviation, but as a company we are so much more. With an organisational mentality of agility we are always adapting to the constantly changing landscape that is drones. As a company we are committed to be a continuous improvement organisation and have implemented programs and training that truly enhance productivity and outcomes. We have created an atmosphere that encourages, guides and challenges our team members, and delivers results that delight our customers.

Technology is The UAV Co.’s greatest tool and with it we can deliver amazing services and products to our clients. From hardware to software, we use state of the art technology to bring clients the best possible solutions. As technology adapts so does The UAV Co. We keep up to date with the latest technology and we are always improving and delivering new solutions and services.

The UAV Co. delivers turnkey solutions to our clients, and provides them with actionable data that saves them time and money and helps them reduce risk. At The UAV Co. we don’t just provide clients with useless data, we take the time to give them data that they can use.

HTG provides an end-to-end, turnkey solution for human terrain requirements that is:

  • Fit for purpose – customised to our clients’ requirements, projects, productions and activities
  • Efficient – one stop shop for all required services
  • Value for money – cost effective alternative to in-house personnel
  • Modular – select the desired components – from base requirements to optional services
  • Scalable – from small to large human terrain footprint as required
  • Mobile – deployment of resources and support anywhere, anytime
  • Geographically dispersed – human terrain available nationwide and globally