SENSE Corporation

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

SENSE Corporation is committed to occupational health and safety (OH&S) in the workplace by:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace to our staff,
  • Preventing work-related injury and ill health, and
  • Continuously improving our OH&S performance.

To achieve the above outcomes, SENSE will:

  • Provide top management leadership, commitment, responsibilities and accountability;
  • Develop, lead and promote a culture in the organization that supports the intended outcomes of the OH&S management system;
  • Communicate with all staff about OH&S related issues;
  • Consult with and ensure participation of workers, and workers’ representatives;
  • Allocate the necessary resources to maintain OH&S policy;
  • Align our OH&S policies and ensure they are compatible with the overall strategic objectives and direction of the organization;
  • Implement effective process(es) for identifying hazards, controlling OH&S risks and taking advantage of OH&S opportunities;
  • Conduct continuous performance evaluation and monitoring of the OH&S management system to improve OH&S performance;
  • Integrate our OH&S management system into our business processes;
  • Align OH&S objectives with policy and take into account our organisation’s OH&S hazards, risks and opportunities;
  • Comply with our legal requirements and other requirements.

SENSE will take a systematic Plan- Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to continuous improvement in our OH&S performance.

SENSE’s OH&S Policy is in alignment with International Standards as described in ISO 45000 OH&S Management.

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