SENSE Corporation

At SENSE Corporation we believe in a high standard of service delivery and high customer satisfaction
SENSE Corporation offers value-for-money to the customer
SENSE Corporation is 100% Australian owned and operated

SENSE Corporation

SENSE Corporation is a wholly Australian owned and operated niche, SME contracting company.  As a smaller company, we are adaptive, responsive, flexible and agile and have been able to grow, develop and evolve as changes occur in the Defence sector.  We offer personalised service to our clients and contractors that you won’t find in larger companies.  We have a network of industry partners around Australia, and we are continuously increasing our capacity and capability.  We are seeing a lot of work coming out of Defence and Government and because of this we are always looking for new people to fill these roles.

SENSE Corporation values Australia’s service men and women.  We provide assistance to those individuals that are retiring out of uniform to help them make a smooth transition to careers in industry as easy as possible.  We offer guidance to help navigate the civilian workplace and help find positions that best suit their skills and capabilities.

What sets SENSE Corporation apart from most contracting companies is that we help individuals become self-sufficient, independent contractors and build a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.  We offer services which help our contractors with business set-up, payroll, insurance, salary packaging, and much more.  Contact us today if we can be of service.

Our Team

Eddie Shaw - Managing Director

Eddie Shaw has many years as a successful business owner and entrepreneur and is a powerhouse of knowledge on Defence and Government. Eddie's experience and hands on approach has helped SENSE Corporation achieve its organic growth.

Nicolas Shaw - COO & CFO

Nicolas Shaw fulfills both the Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer roles and ensures the SENSE Corporation generates cash flow throughout the year. Nicolas is a business owner and entrepreneur in his own right and is a great addition to the team.

Dean Hill - General Manager

Dean has over 25 years’ experience across the Defence Industry with roles in the Royal Australian Air Force, Systems Engineer, ICT Consultant, Business Development and in multiple management positions. His experience and knowledge will see SENSE grow significantly over the coming years as he works on increasing internal staff numbers and Government business opportunities.

Team Qualifications & Readiness

To provide our clients with the best possible resources, SENSE Corporation personnel are carefully selected to ensure they are a ‘best match’ and ‘fit-for-purpose’.  Each SENSE Corporation personnel hold a minimum Baseline security clearance, with some holding TSPV.  All SENSE Corporation contractors are experienced with the Defence culture and work environment having either previously served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), been in the Australian Public Service (APS), or worked in industry as an employee, consultant or contractor doing ‘above the line’ or ‘below the line’ work.  All of SENSE Corporation’s contractors are experienced with Defence ICT systems, day-to-day business tools (e.g. Objective, Open Plan Professional, Predict, ASDEFCON, MILIS, ROMAN, BORIS), and policy, procedures, manuals and regulatory framework.  SENSE Corporation personnel have tertiary and/or vocational degrees and qualifications, industry certifications, and have a wide range of expertise that we match to the needs of the client

Why SENSE Corporation

SENSE Corporation works closely with its customers and provide services in accordance with their requirements.  At SENSE Corporation, it is all about being of SERVICE to our clients.

At SENSE Corporation we believe in a high standard of service delivery and high customer satisfaction:

  • SENSE Corporation offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all contractor placements. If a placement turns out not to be a good fit, SENSE will provide another resource at the same rate and terms and conditions.
  • SENSE Corporation candidates are specially selected according to the Statement of Work, as well as the selection criteria, in order to ensure SENE Corporation’s Candidates are fit-for-purpose.

SENSE Corporation offers value-for-money to the customer:

  • As standard, we have always offered our candidates at below cap rate, providing a discount to the customer, and thereby offering value-for-money.
  • SENSE Corporation absorbs all of the contractor administration overhead for Defence by completing security clearance checks, access pass applications, network access forms, electronic timesheets, quality assurance reviews on deliverables and staff inductions prior to commencement.

SENSE Corporation is 100% Australian owned and operated:

  • SENSE Corporation is proud to help support Australian service men and women, and create local jobs around Australia.
  • At SENSE Corporation, we are privileged to be able to support indigenous companies and give back to the indigenous community.